How I lost 15 pounds (7.1 kgs) in 4 weeks! And you can too!

My whole teenage and adult life I have felt like I was overweight. I have always felt like I will never be able to do anything about it and that my weight will always stay the same!
A few times I have tried fad diets, weightless shakes or joined weightless programs and a few times I have managed to lose a few pounds here or there. But mostly they were things that I couldn’t stick to, I would end up sore for days, counting calories like a crazy person, or so hungry I wanted to chew my own arm and eat my boyfriend!


So it’s safe to say when I realised how much weight I had put on in 2017 I was mortified! I decided towards the end of the year that I was going to start my weightless journey, so here I am now, 15 pounds down and ready to keep going!

I thought seeing as I have been inspired by so many other people blog posts on how they lost weight, I would share my own journey so that people who have struggled continuously like me, can hopefully get something out of it like i have from so many others before me!


So here is how I did it

Cut the sugar!
I’m not going to lie to you all and say that I have completely given up sugar but I am doing my best to do so! I have the I Quit Sugar Cookbook (which I HIGHLY recommend), so I have been using that as much as I can to try and cut out as much sugar as possible! If you are serious about cutting out sugar, there is an 8-week program dedicated to helping you completely cut out (the bad) sugar from your diet! Check it out here and use the code SUGAR10 to get 10% off your 8-week program!



It sounds so simple, so simple even that you may think you wont lose weight just from walking! But getting your body moving will raise your heart rate and the more your heart rate is up, the more the scales will be down! In the first 2 weeks I lost 10 pounds just from walking and quitting sugar! To amp up your walking, just add a few leg or hand weights into the mix and you will be getting even more of a workout!


Staying organised 

Like anything in life, things become a lot easier when we make a plan and become more organised. I used these handy printouts to help me stay motivated and remind me where abouts I was, what needed to be done and how far I had come.


I Cannot even begin to explain how damn important water intake is, water makes up so much of your body (approx 60%) and we all know that we need it to survive. But what some people don’t realise is how important it is for weightless and just how much you can assist your body by drinking enough water. Drinking water helps to boost your metabolism, suppress hunger and help waste move through the body. You can even burn calories by drinking iced cold water, because the body has to work harder to heat up the water to your body temperature, which will burn calories.
Drinking water will actually help to fill your stomach, so drinking 1-2 glasses before meals can help you to eat less, feel fuller quicker and lose weight by cutting down portion sizes.
Now this is all great information but what exactly did I do? Well I upped my intake dramatically, I began making sure I drank at least 2 Litres of water a day. I did that by having a glass of cold water before each and every meal. I also carried around a water intake water bottle (pictured below) these drink bottles are so handy because you don’t forget how much you have drank and how much you have to go, so you know how much water you need to drink to meet your intake goals. If you tend to be bad at getting your water intake in, I highly recommend getting a water intake bottle! Check these ones below out!

Grapefruit essential oil!
Grapefruit oil is amazing at flushing out fat, speeding up metabolism and breaking down fat cells and cellulite. I use this before a workout or walk, I just rub a few drops on my problem areas, mainly my stomach, and also consume around 4-6 drops a day with water! Makes the water taste great and helps with digestion as well as the above! You can also rub it into your chest or wrists when you start having cravings for bad foods!


I hope that these ideas help you all out! If you have anymore questions about my weightless journey, please comment on this blog post or contact me at

I will be posting more updates of my weightless look out at my for more!



Love Madd & Essie xx



January 14, 2018
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