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So I have been struggling to find extra work and income for quite some time now. Last year I decided that Uni just wasn’t going to be for me, and that I would like to try and work and save money. Possibly travel and you know just live life. Money has never been a worry for me, and I don’t mean like I don’t have to worry about it because I have heaps but I just have never let it fuss me too much.

That wasn’t until I started to think about the future with my partner Dom, (who I love dearly and would one day like to marry) and realised that if we want to be serious about a future together I should start saving some serious dosh!


Since realising this, I have also realised that my casual job at the grocery store just isn’t going to cut it, and after applying for job after job and continuously getting knocked back, I realised it was time to put my thinking cap on and come up with some other way to add to my casual jobs income.


Now… it needed to be something flexible, something I didn’t have to travel far for and something that I would hopefully be able to control myself and gradually work on. Naturally my first thought was to start, my own small business, so I did, I tried my hand at making and selling bath bombs, but after that failed and I think I nearly lost more money then I made, I decided to get my serious thinking cap on and try to come up with something more profitable and less messy! (Dom did not like the mess I seemed to continuously create through the kitchen and lounge with the bath bombs)

So what did I do?

I made a blog! Now I am fully aware that this can potentially be a super long process to get any money from it, but I am totally okay with that! I have been working my little bum (who am I kidding my bum is huge) off to get my blog off the ground and running and I am super happy with how the first month went (read my first income report here), but even happier with how I went this month (especially considering I was overseas and not working on it for about 9 days!


Page Views: 2,972

Visitors: 2,215

Number of blog posts written this moth: 6

Most popular posts

  1. Top 28 Personalised Gifts for Men  (1,366 views) (WOW)
  2. Amazingly cool command hook organising hacks (452 views)
  3. Money Saving Hacks at the Supermarket (264 views)

Pinterest followers: 561 (I started this month at 430 so not a huge jump in followers!)

# Pinterest Group Boards I am in: 45

Pins: I Pin AT LEAST 100 PINS A DAY! This is the main reason my blog posts get so many views, because every hour, at different times, my posts are heading out into the world and on to group boards! I do this using BOARDBOOSTER. I use mostly campaigns but some scheduling as well! It makes life SO much easier and I dont have to spend all day on Pinterest!

So how did I make money you ask? 

Well to start with I joined a few affiliate programs the main one being Commission Factory! And the second being Amazon Affiliates. I am yet to see any progress with Amazon but I am going to hang in there!

Commission Factory earned me: $22.00 ( I only made $10.34 last month)

This is from people clicking the links that I provide and then purchasing something, they are not charged any extra, but I make a small commission from it. earned me: $1.47 

Impressions: 12,334

RPM average: $0.12

I was unable to be approved for Google Adsense (which is who you will mostly have heard of) as of yet, because my blog is still a baby and I don’t have enough traffic but luckily for me I was able to get accepted to instead!

Now I know that is is defiantly, probably, most likely the smallest income report that you have like… ever read…. in your whole life. But I wanted to be real with you. I am a girl who has absolutely little to no experience blogging, I have blogged on my personal tumblr account when I was younger (like 15-16) (does that even count?) So I was super happy with my self with this outcome!

So how did I start?

I have not taken any courses, not downloaded any e-books, not listened to any podcasts etc. I have researched other people income reports, I have read some great how-t0s on how to blog, I have ‘trial and error’ed so many things and I have worked really hard and I have already made my first sales through affiliate marketing and from ads as well! I even taught myself basic coding! (omg hello nerd alert) What I am trying to say that is if I can start with nothing then so can you!



Whoa okay, so I am just going to go ahead and say wow! I set the bar like waaaay too high for myself with last months goals! I’m a little bit bummed but I also feel like I have gained so much knowledge from this last month so I’m not complaining! 

“Facebook: I would seriously be happy if I could gain 15o followers on facebook! I have not even got a Facebook page yet, so that needs to be my first step, I would also like it to have some great content etc before I launch it to the public!”

OKAAYYYY. So, I have fallen super short on this one. I have a total of 1 follower. Yes 1. I know thats superrrrr low. But I suppose thats what you get when you don’t put your all into it!


Pinterest: I think if I can get to 430 in my first month, I can (hopefully) get to 1000 followers. Thats 570 more!”

So I was super lazy with Pinterest this month as well (this month was just a super lazy month in general). I used my campaigns to post only my own content (which Pinterest doesn’t like) which in turn means not as many people were interested in what I was posting, and therefore didn’t follow me!

Instagram: Okay so I’m not the best instagrammer and I don’t know a single thing about posting for a blog so I’m gunna go small and say 100 followers. Considering we have 0 now, I think thats a reasonable goal! I need to do some serious research on some bloggers instagrams to see what they post!”

Intagram: Okay so you probably guessed it, this month I was lazy. I started posting to instagram but just wasn’t invested in what I was posting, so fell short and didn’t end up with even 100 followers. We got 42, which I am actually happy with. Better then 1!






Now, does anyone want to know the best thing about all of this? I LOVE BLOGGING! I have found a serious passion, there is nothing more I have been enjoying then writing about thing I know and love, like my beautiful puppy dog, or  finding other people great ideas, posts, and content and curating it into an awesome compilation of coolness! So whether or not I make more or less money next month, I am going to continue writing regardless, because I have found a new hobby!


If you’re already a blogger, I strongly suggest checking out BOARDBOOSTER

If you have any tips or tricks for me to increase my engagement, any feedback, or would like me to check out your blog, leave mea comm


ent on this post and I will be sure to get back to you!

Thanks lovies,
Love Madd & Essie xx

April 30, 2017
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