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I am what you would still call a blogging newbie, but in my experience, sometimes the newer bloggers are the easiest to learn from, they have just done it, and they often have awesome tips on how to start, as they have just started themselves. I have learnt tips and tricks from all over the internet, that have helped me to get where I am today, with an awesome looking blog, and plenty of info to share with all the blogging newbies.

To read more about my blogging experience, take a look at my blog income reports, or to get to know me a little better, checkout my about me page in the menu bar!


So first of all, if you have clicked the link to this post, it most likely means, like me, you need some tips to get started! So here goes.


To start your own blog, there are many different places you can start a blog, but I’m going to go with my favourite, and where I started mine, and thats through BLUEHOST!

Bluehost was the first and ONLY site I looked at, ALL of the bloggers I aspired to were using it, and they price and benefits seemed perfect for me! So far, I have had not one issue, and so until I do, I will be staying faithful to my trusty pals at Bluehost.

Before I knew what I was doing, I made a free WordPress site, but I had NO idea what I was doing, and you can’t make money with that sort of site anyway! They don’t let you add affiliate links (don’t worry i’ll explain affiliates late), or run ads to your page, so you won’t be able to make any money from home if that is your plan!

It was super easy once I started, the hardest part was choosing my free domain name.

You can use this tool below to check out if your domain name is available before you need to pay for ANYTHING!


Once you have decided on a name, click the ‘get started now button and you will be taken to the next page which looks like this…

Here you need to decide what plan you want, each plan has different features, but being a newbie I went with the cheapest option, as its big enough for me right now! (Maybe in the future I will consider upgrading my package)

Once you have decided on your package deal you will be taken to this page here

Select NEW DOMAIN and type in the domain you have chosen for yourself! (e.g. mine is

You will then need to fill out all of your details on a page that looks like this.


Once you have filled out all your deets and made sure it is correct, you will need to fill out the payment information section.


Now you will be able to make a password, and sign in to your new account with Bluehost!

Once you enter in the correct log in details, you will be taken to your home page! Yay

Now once I got here I was BEYOND confused, where do I go from here, what do I do, this looks confusing! But have no fear, it’s super easy!


Click this little guy under ‘websites’

You will be taken to a page like this (yours may look different) but you just need to follow the prompts and install WordPress with your new domain name!

You will then need to fill out your domain info! And then tadaaa! Like magic, and in those simple steps, you can now log in to your very own, soon to be money making and fantastic blog!


Your next major step will be finding a theme that you love! If I can give you any useful tip, then let it be this:

Make sure your theme is responsive (this means it will adapt to any screen including a mobile or tablet as well as the obvious computer or laptop screen), and make sure it is one that you actually like! I made the mistake of rushing into my theme and ending up with a theme I hated for the first few months, it was hard to navigate my way through, extremely hard to customise and it didn’t look very professional! I love my theme now, and I actually bought it on Etsy (which is like my favourite website of all time). 

So places to find a theme are:– They currently have 34,331 themes and templates to choose from (WOWZERS) and they start from as little as $2! Make sure that your theme is responsive and is for wordpress not some other blogging page!

mythemeshop– they also have thousands of awesome wordpress themes to choose from!

Etsy– Etsy is the home of all things creative, you name it you can probably find it on Etsy, and I just LOVE IT! Type ‘responsive wordress theme’ into the search box and you will be likely to find something awesome that you love for your blog!

To make things easier, I have compiled a list of a couple of different Etsy stores that sell WordPress themes including the one which I got my theme from!






Once you have bought and downloaded your theme (make sure you save it in a spot you will remember, maybe think about making a folder on your computer just for your blogging things) you will need to install it on WordPress.

You will need to go to your dashboard which should look something like this, hover over appearence, and then click on ‘Themes’

You will be taken to a page of themes. Up the top will look like this

Click Add New and on the next page, the top will look like this and you will need to click upload theme

Once you click upload theme it will look like this, you now need to select ‘choose file’ and search for the .zip file of the theme you have downloaded. Once you have done this, select ‘Install Now’

Once you have installed the theme you chose, if you hover over it, it will look like this

Choose activate! Your theme is now live and ready to be customised by you!


Once you have done this, your best course of action is to play around and learn everything you need to about WordPress, including the dashboard and all it has to offer. Then start blogging away!

To add your first post, go to Posts, Add New and it should look like this below! You can now start your very first blog post!


I hope that this has helped you, I have tried to make it as easy as possible to follow the steps so that you can make a blog without any hassle! I know that when I fist started it was super overwhelming! I wish I had of had some clearer instructions on how to get started or someone to ask questions to, so in saying that, please feel free to comment any questions. Or if you would like me to check out you blog before you officially launch, for any tips or feedback, feel free to email me at


I will be making some more HOW TO BLOG posts, so if there are things you want to know more about (and in more detail) leave a comment in the comments section below and I will do my best to write something to help you out!

Also check out my First Income Report and my Second Income Report


Love Madd & Essie xx


May 16, 2017
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